Incorporated NPO Mirai Process

About Us

Incorporated NPO Mirai Process was established March 30, 2005, to conduct education and training programs for medical professionals here and abroad, and to contribute to environmental conservation activities such as tree planting to stop desert spread in Inner Mongolia under Chinese colonial rule.

Our Activities

1. nonprofit programs

  1. conducting and supporting programs such as education and training for medical professionals, and public seminars
  2. fundraising for conservation of rare and endangered animals, and supporting enviromental improvement program such as tree planting for wildlife habitat

2. other activities

  1. consultation for hospitals, clinics, and nursing care facilities
  2. distribution of medical equipments, medical care facilities, nursing care equipments
  3. temporary personnel service

for further information, please contact:

Incorporated NPO Mirai Process

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Tel. 06-6312-7077

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